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Satsang Ashram Deoghar Jharkhand

The Satsang Ashram is a sacred place where followers of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra gather to worship their Guru. Anukul thakur ashram deoghar a very famous tourist attraction in Deoghar. The disciples of the ashram are to follow four principals. That is education, agriculture, marriage and history. Satsang has many charitable school and hospitals to help common people. They have their own printing press and publishing house, running by Satsang members.

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The ashram has lodging and eating arrangements. They have a small zoo and a museum insight. The complex is wide, and religious activities happened inside. Those who take pupilage of the Ashram, They can get accommodation throughout the year. Food / Prasad can buy with a least price. 

Establishments of the Satsang Ashram 

Thakur Anukul Chandra has established Satsang Ashram in the year of 1946 in Deoghar. Activities of ashrams in (India and outside) are directed from here. Countless fans of the  Anukul Chandra in the world. At present, ‘Satsang’ has five thousand centres, built in various places. Named as Satsang Bihar, Satsanga Sambhavanna Kendra, Satsanga Vyasana Kendra, Satsanga Mandir, Thakurbari, etc. 

The Satsang ashrams centres spread across in Bangladesh, Nepal, Brahma, Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. Many years ago hundreds of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Jains and hundreds of indigenous saints came and join Satsang. Every year, people from different states of India, Nepal, Myanmar, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Africa, Europe, America, etc. and take “Dikha” from Sri Sri Thakur.

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Satsang Vihar Ideology 

Satsanga is a religious movement started by Thakur Anukul Chandra. The ideology is, religion is not a miracle but a science-based life formula; Love is precious, which can be bought with peace.
The asram purpose is to make people a genuine person. The main goal of religion is to continue the path of lifelong growth. Sri Sri Thakur said that “I can leave an empire in exchange for a man, but I cannot leave a man”. The motto of ‘Satsanga’ is “Give me a life of emotional memory constantly”. 

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Satsang centres for accommodation

Thakur Anukul chandra came to Deoghar on his 59 years of “Naralila”. He spent 23 years in Satsang Vihar Deoghar Ashram. On 67th birth anniversary celebrations in 1946, suddenly announced that he go to the west. After established ‘Gazipur Satsanga Ashram’ of Guru Gobind Saheb in the land of Bihar.

He set up many charity offices, Anandabazar Bhaban, Tapoban Schools in various places. The ‘Golghar’, ‘Baral Bungalow’, ‘Monomohini Dham’, Sri Hasraiqur’s Basghar ‘Hosni Laws’, ‘Pallar’, ‘Nirala Nibas’, for the devotees and visitors. And ‘Sixteenth building’, ‘Vivek Badan’, etc. is made for Sri Sri Thakur’s family.
Thakur Anukul Chandra set up drinking water and electricity supply, guest room, press, post office, wire office, hospital, college, publication house for Bangla, Hindi and other languages. These are ‘Amar Dutti Vidyamandira’ library, ‘Dutt Dipti’ Hospital, etc. 

Hundreds of Satsangi families were living on these buildings and Bhabans. That time Thakur created monasteries and wish to build a religious city. The motto was increasing knowledge of science, service and true dissemination of different philosophies. 

The environment of Deoghar Satsanga Ashram area is full of natural beauty. Also, the famous Baidyanath Dham and many other deities’ temples in deoghar. Besides all that, Ramkrishna Vidyapith and Sri Sri Balananda’s ashram is also a little away from here. 

Note – Photography is prohibited in the Satsang Nagar complex. 


Satsang Deoghar room booking

The accommodation is available for anybody who wants to stay in Deoghar Satsang ashram. A simple Satsang Deoghar accommodation form should fill up online, before visiting the place. Food and Prasad can buy at a minimum price. 

Satsang Facebook group

Deoghar Satsang Facebook group is very active in online. All the ashrams activity they post regularly, please check.

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Satsang Ashram Deoghar Address   

“Anukul thakur ashram deoghar” called satsang is in Deoghar. Next to the Baidyanath Dham in the Santal Pargana of Jharkhand. From Baidyanath Dham, a few miles ahead the ashram is situated. 

Deoghar – Satsang Main Road, Near Satsang Ashram, B, Satsang Nagar, Deoghar, Jharkhand 814112 


Satsang Ashram Deoghar opening time 

Anukul Thakur ashram opens for local people From 8 a.m to 12 noon and again from 3 pm to 8 pm. 

Satsang Deoghar prayer time 

Anukul thakur ashram deoghar evening and morning bhajan/ kirtan timing is different in a month. The prayer list is given below. 

JAN – 06:27 am. 05:16 pm.
FEB – 06:15 am. 05:36 pm.
MAR – 05:50 am. 05:52 pm.
APR – 05:20am. 06:05pm.
MAY – 04:59am. 06:19pm.
JUN – 04:54am. 06:32pm.
JUL – 05:04 am. 06:32 pm.
AUG – 05:18 am. 06:15 pm.
SEP – 05:29 am. 05:46 pm.
OCT – 05:41am. 05:15 pm.
NOV – 05:59 am. 04:56 pm.
DEC – 06:19 am. 04:58 pm.

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