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Seven wonder park 7

New town Eco park | mother’s wax museum | seven wonders Kolkata

Seven Wonder Park Kolkata

You are planning for Eco Park, right? Here I can share  top 15 Ideas for your tour . Eco Park is just 5 years old, but now it has become the famous places in Kolkata. Over 35 million people visited this park past five years. The prime interest is seven wonder park. Eco Park Kolkata, an environment friendly amusement park. This is an urban park of Kolkata and one of the biggest park in India. This park is located near Rajarhat Newtown.

 15 Ideas for 7 wonders park

  • Paddle Boating
  • Shikara Riding
  • Rowing
  • Duo Cycling
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rajgir tour plan 8

Best Rajgir tourism Guide plan | Nalanda Pavapuri temple tour

Our holiday story – The Rajgir tour plan

After finished the entire  famous place in Bodhgaya now we are moving for Rajgir tour. Check budhgaya page for the expenses.

We hired a cab last night (in Bodhgaya) for going to Rajgir. At the early morning, around 6.30 am, we check out from the hotel and started our journey. It was about 2 hour’s journey, in the way of Rajgir we stopped in a village called “Gehlaur”. The village is recognized for Dasharath Manjhi. You can found his name in the Guinness World Records because he cut a … Continue Reading

International Mango Festival 1

National International mango festival day | India Philippines Guimaras

International mango festival 2018

We all love mango’s. It is celebrate with love internationally.  Like every year, international mango festival day celebration is going to be celebrated the in Delhi as well as kolkata , bangalore, and foreign country like florida, pakistan etc and they do it there own way . It is the main fruit festival in India. The king of all tropical fruit and our national fruit – ‘mango’ makes our hot summers hydrate and yummy, the mango festival celebrates the mouthwatering fruit and everything about it the mango.

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bodhgaya mandir 5

Bodhgaya mandir bihar | gaya tour travel guide | tourist places facts India

Bodhgaya Mandir Bihar

In this Bodhgaya tour guide, you can easily explore all the tourist attraction in bodhgaya mandir bihar. We stay in Bodhgaya for 2 days. But it’s not sufficient I believe. There are many locations which cannot be explored in two days. Most interesting part is all the places in Bodhgaya is not so far, Within 2 to 5 km all the tourist places can be explore. All the places are very neat and clean. Let’s go to those temple of Buddhist monastery and explore it through my eyes.

Our Holiday Story

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famous places in kolkata 19

Most famous places in kolkata | 20 popular places tour for 160 rupees

Famous Places in Kolkata sightseeing with cheap cost

Kolkata is called ‘The CITY OF JOY.- I think everyone is familiar with this term. The culture of this city is ancient and it is one of the famous cites in India.  I am trying to describe, how to go smartly to the 20 most famous places in Kolkata with a cheap cost (160 rupees only) in one day.

This city has so many popular places. Where you can find different cultural people with their different entity. In central Calcutta, esplanade and park street is the prime place. Those two … Continue Reading

rabindra jayanti 1

Rabindra jayanti | 25th baisakh | Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore biography

Rabindranath Tagore is Born in Jorasanko Thakurbari in Calcutta. Jorasanko Thakurbari is a wealthy and cultured Brahma Brahmin family in Calcutta. His date of birth Is Tuesday, 7th May 1861 or 25 se Baisakh 1268 (its also called Rabindra jayanti). His father was Debendranath Tagore (1817-1905) and his mother was Saradasundari Devi (1826-1875). Rabindranath was the 14th son of his parents.


Traveller Rabindranath

আমি চঞ্চল হে

আমি সুদূরের পিয়াসী

ওগো সুদূর বিপুল সুদূর

তুমি যে বাজাও ব্যাকুল বাঁশরী

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nepalese traditions 2

Nepalese traditions nature culture festivals food and song

Nepalese traditions and culture

We all know Darjeeling, known as the queen of the hill king, was offered to the East India Company by the Sikkim Maharaja in 1835. History states that during his lifetime and Nepalese traditions for over 160 years, the Darjeeling hills area, though ethnic and culturally diverse. Both his people and tribes contributed immensely to the advancement and promotion of understanding of compassion and non-tribal, sympathy and self-confidence.

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chintamani kar bird sanctuary narendrapur 6

Chintamani kar bird sanctuary [Tripura sundari temple boral] the A – Z

Chintamani kar bird sanctuary review

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary is must be visited place for all the bird and nature lovers in sonarpur rajpur. This is one Of the best bird sanctuaries in West Bengal and it is the top-rated bird sanctuary in India. The place is also known by narendrapur rathtala kayaler bagan. It is under Sundarban Biosphere. In 1982 the place is recognized for the bird sanctuary.

In the year of 2004, this local bird sanctuary was undertaken by West Bengal government. This is also called Nanerdrapur bird sanctuary. In 2005, 21 October these local bird sanctuary … Continue Reading

save money while traveling 3

Save money while traveling | How to travel cheap in India

How to save money while traveling 

Do  you want to know how I  save money while traveling? then you have to read this post, trust me with these tips you will save money on travel. I notice few thing, maximum we spent on our vacation specially on room rent, car service and food. Also these things are mandatory we can’t leave it. In other sites how can we just left our hard earned money for simple luxury, which we can also avail in a smart way. So I always do some trick for my travel savings plan. Hope this will … Continue Reading

Ayodhya Hills Purulia tour plan 16

Ayodhya Hills Purulia tour | kolkata train to pakhi pahar

 Ayodhya hills Purulia

Purulia is a place mainly known for its peculiarity regarding nature, climate and demography. Many people go to Purulia district to regain health. The place is rich for its mineral deposits. Coal and granite are the main minerals found here. Ayodhya hill is a popular tourist spot of this district and recently has become an experimental centre for silk and team cultivation. The masked chhau dance and Tusa parab are the major attractions organized by the tribes. This district is the native home of the Santhal tribal of Ayodhya hills Purulia. For ayodhya Purulia tourism, small group … Continue Reading

low budget tourist places india 1

Low budget tourist places India for cheap holidays | Top 15 [lodge]

Low budget tourist places india 

Hello, Wеlсоmе tо holidaystory where уоu will find hеlрfull things about low budget tourist places India, that will hеlр уоu іn your everyday lіfе, ѕо іf уоu want tо knоw the mоѕt іimportant things for booking a hоtеl, you must read the article.

There are lots of site offering a huge discount on hotel booking. Before you gо to one of the those discount sites сhесk out the hоtеl site on first time about the рrісе,  just the ѕаmе for cheaper with these discount ѕіtеѕ or discount coupons for hotel booking there could bе some … Continue Reading

Finding An Ashram In India 60 locations 1

Finding An Ashram In India | 60 best locations | cheap accommodation India

Finding An Ashram In India | cheap accommodation India

Dear Readers, Every time my plan for a  vacation is that I should spend less and visit maximum places. I like to do cheap trips, it helps me to save up money for my next vacation also. At first, a vacation saving plan starts with finding a low budget room. Our budget is spending mostly on car and rooms. A hotel search is a very difficult job for all the traveller.  Now a day’s online hotel booking is very famous but if you really want a good vacation deals you have Continue Reading

kurseong darjeeling tour guide 7

Best kurseong to darjeeling toy train travel guide from kolkata

Kurseong Darjeeling tour  

If you want to find what is the cheapest holiday destination in West Bengal the first destination comes to my mind is kurseong Darjeeling tour. I have saved money for 3 months from my earnings and spend that money to our next tour and I also suggest this to everyone who is trying to visit different place in a frequent manner. This is helping me to save money for my trip and I hope that this is also helping everyone.

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Kurseong tourism 

The king of Sikkim accepted … Continue Reading

Puri jagannath temple photo 6

Puri jagannath temple history miracles story myths and facts

Puri jagannath temple history

The Shri Jagannath Temple or Sreekshetra is the main attraction in Puri. It’s a heritage of puri. During the Pruranic ages, the king of Avanti, Indradyumna belonging to the Surya god had built the temple as ordained in a dream. After its destruction, King Jajati Kesari reconstructed the temple. And the existing model was a reconstruction done by King Anangabhimdev. He did it in 1198 as an expression of his repentance of the killing of Brahmins. The construction incurred an expenditure of 5 lakh tolla of gold. Even after that, the temple flourished under the patronage … Continue Reading