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Bakkhali Tour 2018 full guide

Bakkhali Tour 

Bakkhali has located 130 km away from Kolkata and 25 km from namkhana station. It takes second sea destination after Digha tourist spot in west Bengal. It is the best weekend destination from Kolkata. Transportation connectivity is very good. Kolkata to bakkhali train train available from Sealdah Staton. Also Kolkata to Bakkhali bus service is available frequently (govt+private). There is no sea beach hotel in Bakkhali , all the hotels are in some distance. Only west Bengal fisheries guest house at Bakkhali  is a little distance from the beach. However, sea bathing in Bakkhali is not as much enjoyable due to stumps of tree and stick black soil. Bakkhali tour details as follows:-


Bakkhali sea beach photo



Bakkhali tour guide 

Day 1 –  Sealdah to Bakkhali reach by train from Namkhana railway station 125 km. Total 3.5 hourupees.

Day 2 –  Visit henry island sea beach , Benfish, and bath at sea. Visit beach again in the evening and shopping.

Day 3 – Bath at sea. visit Crocodile project, Bisalakkhi Temple and rest in the hotel.evening again visit the beach.

Day 4-  Check out from the hotel in the morning and return the same way.

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Bakkhali tour guide

Hotel  = (550 rupees each day)1650 rupees for three days. (Guess where we stayed for)

Food = (600 rupees for 2 people )1800 rupees for three days

Shopping = 500 rupees (all are Chinese product there)

Traveling cost = train fair 50 rupees (all expense for two people) van -20 rupees, vessel 4 rupees, van 20 rupees,shared car 200. hotel to beach 5 times -100.side seen – 250 rupees. Return 250 rupees by toto, van 40 rupees, train 100 rupees=1034 rupees

You can return by local bus from Bakkhali to Namkhana. The ticket is only 10 rupees.

total – 4984 rupees (2492 rupees for 1 person for three days).


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Crocodile project bakkhali

Crocodile project Bakkhali

Bakkhali tourist place Our Holiday Story

A few weeks ago we(me and my husband) just looked at the calendar for a holiday and to decide a tour plan. Suddenly we found that there were 4 holidays together in this year. So we tried to make a holiday plan. That time our first choice was Digha. The train ticket was available but when we called up for accommodation we wandered. We made more than 100 phone calls but there was no room available near the sea beach in Digha. Moreover, some ordinary hotels were demanding a huge room rent like 1500 rupees to 2000 rupees per day. So we decided to go Bakkhali.



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Sealdah to namkhana train time for Bakkhali

First, we took a train in the morning from Sealdah to Namkhana. There is two local sealdah to namkhana train. One is in 5:12 am 7:14 am. You can not find direcly in the rail time table(search sealdah to laxmikantapur ).  It takes 2.5 hours.

After that we took a local van for ferighat, fair was 7 rupees per perupeeson. Riksha and Toto are also available. We crossed the river “Hatania-Doania” by paying rupees 1+toll tax 1 rupees per person. After crossing the river again took a van for bus stand by paying rupees 7 again. There are several options for going to Bakkhali Maruti, toto, bus etc. Bus fare is very nominal just 20 rupees, as it is a local journey.

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Good news guys! The work of Bakkhali bridge is  completed. The bridge is opened now (2019). That means no need to cross the “Hatania-Doania” river. Currently Toto and personal vehicles are crossing this bridge. Its save risk factor and time also.


Henri Island bakkhali

Henri Island Bakkhali

It will take 1 hr by bus. But we chose Maruti as a private vehicle it reaches the destination by 20 minutes for 350 rupees.  Share option  is also available. Total journey time is 3.5 hr from Sealdah to Bakkhali. We stay at ”Sea View”. Hotel accommodation is good for family but its far from the beach. Water purifier generator and playground are available. We have to take toto or van to the beach (2 km approx)we stay  3 days in Bakkhali.

The first day we only go to the beach at evening. Investigate for high tide time basically, need to know the “Tide ” time for the bath. At the lean hour, water is far away from the beach.

Lots of local food option offered there by the local shop in Bakkhali sea beach. We eat some see fish and We took dinner at the hotel.

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Henry island sea beach 

Next day morning we go for henry island sea beach , fishing harbor with a Toto, its charges 250 rupees. Henri island is also a good beach with “fishing veri”s, total 162 “Veri”s are there. It has also a watch tower. Govt fish counter is also there for buy local fish, the entry fee is 20 rupees per head.

Next, we visit Benfish. It’s a bad smelling area. Lots of fishing boats are there, the entry fee is 10 rupees. You can go ” Jambudweep Island” from there by hiring a boat from there. It will take 1.5 hours. Cost is 3000 approx.

After that, we returned to the hotel and went to the beach for enjoying the bath and then returned back to the hotel. At the evening we again went to the beach and did some shopping and had some seafood. We returned to the hotel around 9:00 pm.

Next day morning our trip starts with crocodile project which is very near to the bus stand. There is some few dears and crocodiles, but it was not very encouraging. “Bisalakkhi mandir” is also there.

We are trying to go for the ” Banbibi temple” which is located near the beach. , it is reachable by walk, but we have a child and as the temple is situated in the forest, so we canceled it. In the evening again went to the beach.

Next day morning we returned for Namkhana with a Toto which cost 250 rupees. Around 10:30 am we took the train for Sealdah station.


Bakkhali tourist spot 

Henry island sea beach, Bakkhali sea beach, Bisalakkhi mandir, Banbibi temple, Jambudweep Island, Benfish, Crocodile project.

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Bakkhali tour guide Idea

Sharing cab with another family to go Namkhana to Bakkhali. The card cost is half.

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Bakkhali Small boat

Bakkhali Small boat for fishing

Packing list – Excluding all the daily ware, we Carrie umbrella, extra haft pant, T-shirt, hitting cup and Thermos for our baby, medicine.


Bakkhali Shopping 

The Handmade seashell product is available just start from 20 rupees. But we buy some toy for our child.


Not to do list

Do not buy fish, lobster, crab from the local market. Price is very high.

Try to stay near at the beach. It will save Toto cost(20 rupees each time).


Our Bakkhali Tour finished here.


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