bishnupur mukutmanipur tour from kolkata

Bankura Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour | kolkata weekend sightseeing plan

Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour Places to Visit

Bishnupur mukutmanipur tour can be done in a same day trip from kolkata. Arannayak expresss and rupashi bangla both are very good train to reach Bishnupur. The nineteenth Malla king Jagat Malla moved from the ‘Pradyumnapur’ and shifted his capital to the region of the red soil, Bishnupur within the fourteenth century.

Bishnupur terracotta art has taken a rare standing. This art enriched ancient Bengali temple culture. Music maestros like Jadu Bhatta, Radhika prasad, and Gyan Goswami introduce their music to the globe and also the style. It’s still terribly renowned as “Bishnupur Gharana“.

The special attraction of Bishnupur tourism is that the creative and architectural structures of the burnt clay. The place is additionally known for Baluchari and Mallabhum sarees and tassar silk also called bishnupuri silk.Thousands of people gathered in  “Shravan Sankranti” puja. Additionally Bhishupur fair starts from seventh of poush as per Bengali calendar (December last week). Both are the most attracted evern in bishnupur.

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Handicrafts items 

While on the way backcyou may shop famous Baluchari of Bishnupuri silk, Mallabhum Sari, Tasar silk, articles made from conch-shells, horses made from burnt-clay in Panchmura (35km) and many Dockra artifacts for remembrance of the trip. Silk khadi of Raghunath Sayer or Mallabhumi Silk Centre of Bara Kalitala are ideal out-lets for shopping.

Ten incarnations consisting of 120 card painted with gods and goddesses of Hindu mythology are another interesting souvenir of Bishnupur.  Comparable to Akbar’s Raja- Ujir cards, they are bright, eye-catching and you could even see the cards being made at Fouzdar House in Sankhari Bazar near Madan Mohan Temple.   Kamarpukur , Jayrambati will reach simply from bishnupur by bus. Mukutmanipur can be reach from Bishnupur easily.

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Bishnupur mukutmanipur tour guide Our holiday story

We took the train from kolkata santragachi railway station “arannayak express” for Bankura Bishnupur. It takes 3 hr approx to reach.

All the tourist places in Bishnupur is very near distance from the station. For that we hired an auto for the local side seen. First we visit Rashmancha, its total done with terracotta. Its get the honor of heritage from Indian archaeology department.

We finish lunch beside Rashmancha. There are plenty of hotel for food but we do not found anything for accommodation on 2014 but now a days (2018) there are few hotels offering accommodation and fooding. After visited all the places we came back to Kolkata at the late evening same day.

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Temples of bishnupur


The Rashmancha maintained by the archaeological Survey of India. There square measure 3 galleries designed with 3 tier design form with sixty four compartments and thirty five feet high. It had been designed by Bir hambir in 1587 and it’s eighty feet wide stage. The Rashmanch is formed with a burnt brick over the mixture of bengal charchala and Egyptian pyramid style. During the time of the Malla kings, Rash festival celebrated on this stage. Deity Radha Krishna accustomed be put in at the time of the festival on the stage.


bishnupur rasmancha

bishnupur rasmancha

Dalmadal cannon

The dalmadal cannon, created at a price of Rs two lakh during the period of king Gopal Singh. Maratha Bargi attack by Bhaskar Pandit was resisted with the assistance of this cannon. The legend is that, the family god ‘Madan Mohan’ himself discharged the cannon to repulse the ‘Bargis’.


dalmadal canon bishnupur

dalmadal canon bishnupur

Stone Chariot Bishnupur

stone chariot bishnupur

stone chariot bishnupur

Shyam Rai Temple

Shyam rai temple inbuilt 1643 by king Raghunath Singha. The Charchala Pancharatana style. The temple is exclusive in sculptures with stunning carvings. The Rash Lila of sri Krishna with Gopini of hindu mythology has been sculptured in the walls of the terracotta temple art in Bishnupur. 

shym rai temple bishnupur

shym rai temple bishnupur

Jor bangla

Jor Bangla was built by Mallaraj Raghunath dev Singh in 1655. It is also made by charchala style. There also are many temple and traveler attraction like chinnamastar Mandir, stone chariot, radhe sham temple,Malleswar shiva temple etc.

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Bishnupur Music 

The classical music bishnupur gharana still renowned worldwide.

Bishnupuri silk Bankura district

Bishnupur is additionally renowned for Baluchari and Mallabhum sarees, tasar silk etc.

Famous tourist places in Bankura 

There are archaeological treasure all around the district of Bankura. In Bishnupur Dokra craftsmanship on the outskirts in Bikna village is world renowned. Beautiful artifacts assume from by the raps of equipment. Hand loom wrappers, bathing towels (Gamcha), bed-covers or the handicraft item made from bamboo, cane and wood by the tribal handicrafts man of Rajgram and Kenjakunra villages. Those are the lovely souvenirs of Bankura trip.

There is also a Sun temple built in 10th century about 3 km away and an ancient Ekateswar Shiva temple. It  is just 5 km away, Raghunathju terracotta temple in Bishnupur enriched with terracotta artwork built in 1639. Methodist Missionery Church and Darakeswar river are also the places of tourist attraction. Bankura is also famous for its variety of sweets like kalakand, Chittaranjan, Nikhuti etc. Interested traveler should stay overnight at Bankura and travel about 24 km for enjoying an expedition of 400 ft high lush green covered Koro Hill.

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There is also a temple of eight-armed goddess Parvati or Durga, surrounded by the wall. Behind the temple is Shiva Linga and his consort an ox. From there easily can view of Gangdua Dam on Shali river (8km) and Susunia HIll from behind the temple.

Tapobon Asram is at the foot-hill. Rramkrishna Sevadam ashram is also there. A little away Chenchuria Eco park is the paradise for the tourist from bengal. It is just 26 km fro Bishnupur. Ecology  garden in bishnupur is having a big area surrounded by mahua, sal, piasal, amlaki and kendu(tobacco) leaves. There is also a lake with boating facilities. The world famous artist Jamini roy’s birth place is in Chhandar village which is under Bankura.

Mukutmanipur tour travel guide

Nobody knows where the heaven is, but in a moonlight light at Mukutmanipur one gets heavenly bliss by staying overnight. There are two dams in mukutmanipur that are kangshabati and Kumari dams. A Picturesque view of rural Bengal can be had of its lush green shading and little ripples in the blue water of the lake. Boating facility is also available here. The water released from the sluice gate creates a sweet melody and reminds us of the paradise. The zig-zag walkable road seems to have disappeared in the hills The horizon has been covered by the hillocks.

Sunrise in Mukutmaniur is also well appreciated. Pareshnath hillock is 6 km along Dam Tip road and 3 km along the rustic path at the confluence of kangshabati and Kumari rivers. On top of the hillock, there is Hindu god Lord Shiva and Jain god Parshnath swami of chorite stone and many another goddess can found. Please note hotel price is very high there.

Our Bishnupur mukutmanipur tour ends here.


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