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Seven Wonder Park Kolkata

You are planning for Eco Park, right? Here I can share  top 15 Ideas for your tour . Eco Park is just 5 years old, but now it has become the famous places in Kolkata. Over 35 million people visited this park past five years. The prime interest is seven wonder park. Eco Park Kolkata, an environment friendly amusement park. This is an urban park of Kolkata and one of the biggest park in India. This park is located near Rajarhat Newtown.

 15 Ideas for 7 wonders park

  • Paddle Boating
  • Shikara Riding
  • Rowing
  • Duo Cycling
  • Speed Boat
  • Bird Watching
  • Gun Shooting
  • Archery
  • Kayaking
  • Land Zorbing and Water Zorbing
  • Visit 7 Wander Park
  • Enjoy the Musical Fountain
  • Ekante cafe cafeteria
  • Madam wax museum
  • Visit Mask Garden

Eco Park Kolkata Bus Route

Option One:- 

Rajarhat is a satellite town and it locate this place outskirt of Kolkata. The distance between central Kolkata (esplanade) to Eco Park is 18 km. You can take bus from the depo. Another option is Sealdah, where you can find many buses to visit this garden.

Option two:-

In South Kolkata, like from Jadavpur, you can get AC bus for ECO-park. Garia is still an extremely busy place because it’s the main connector between South 24 Parganas and Kolkata.

Option three:-

If you go from the direction of Bidhannagar or Ultadanga or Nicco Park, you will reach  gate no. 1 of eko park. If you came from airport or Chinar Park, 4 no gate will be reached. There is parking space available on every gate except these 2 gates.

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Eco Park visiting time

Thursday to Saturday 2.30 pm to 8.30 pm in summer and 2.30 pm to 7.30 in winter.

Sunday and holidays 12.00 pm to 8.30 pm in summer and 11.00 a.m to 7.30 pm in winter.

Monday is the closing day.

Eco park entry Fee

Eco park ticket price is 30 rupees. They do not require ticket under age of 3-year. Parking fee is 20 rupees to 50 rupees.

Ticket counter will close at 7.30 pm

For the morning walk’s, monthly and annual card system are available. For further information contact to the ticket counter.


Online ticket

You can buy Online Ticket Booking Side at Eco Park


I break down Eco Park in three main parts. So you can easily reach, on your desired places very quickly.

Place of interest in Eco-Tourism Park

*7 Wonders at Eco Park

*Eco Park Rides

*Theme gardens

7 Wonders at Eco Park

The seven wonder park Eco Park is the most significant spot in Eco Park. Recently it is the main attraction in Kolkata. According to the UNICEF, the 7 Wonders of the world are

  1. India’s Taj Mahal
  2. Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer
  3. Moai statues of Easter Island
  4. The Great Wall of China
  5. Colosseum of Rome
  6. Petra in Jordan
  7. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
eco park seven wonders

eco park seven wonders

Those famous places in the world have built in Kolkata Eco Park with a smaller demo version. So you can enjoy the beautiful building or architecture and this special segment bewitching everyone eyes.

In evening time the scenery and beautiful lighting create a mesmerizing environment at this Park. The Great Wall of China to The Great Pyramid of Giza along with the Moai statues of Easter Island, world best statue, architecture at one place is the best thing for the people of India.

Also, the Ghum Station, Terracotta temples, Pagodas are some other types of the special place  you can visit just beside of seven wonder park .

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The Golf Course, Deer Park is unique for everyone and those places mesmerize every visitor.

7 Wonders at Eco Park Entry Fee is 30 rupee per person

Recently one extra addition is The Japanese Garden. Entry fee is 30 rupees.

Eco Park Rides

In Eko Park, there are so many fun activities can be done. It’s not only for the children, also the adults and their family can participate in these activities. Like,

Paddle boating – 50 rupees for 4 persons for 30 minutes (near gate no 2)

Shikara Riding – 150 rupees for 4 persons for 30 minutes (near gate no 2)

Rowing -150 rupee per persons for 20 minutes

Duo Cycling – 150 rupees for 2 persons for 30 minutes.

Speed Boat – 50 rupee per person per round.

Bird Watching – 10 rupee per person.

Gun Shooting – 50 rupees for 10 shots.

Archery – 50 rupee for 5 arrows.

Kayaking – 150– for 30 minutes. (Near Rabi Aranya).

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Land Zorbing and Water Zorbing – 150 rupee per person, for 200 m land zorbing & 15 minutes water zorbing. Near Rabi Aranya.

Cultural Events – In the Rabi Aranya Park, there is open air theatre. On Saturday evening the cultural programs are held like as music, dance, drama etc. For booking visit HIDCO/Eco Park website.

Gaming Zone – In Bamboo Garden a gaming zone has been grown up which is attract teenagers and game lovers. FIFA, racing, Speed, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Age of Empires has become very popular. Charges – 50 per hour per head.

In that way, one can do different types of activates at Eco Park. Basically, Eco Park is a good spot for the picnic. All family members, friends, Office colleague, group of college friends spend a wonderful day in that place.

eco park kolkata image

eco park kolkata image

Theme gardens

Glass House on Sabuj Sathi

“Sabuj Sathi” is an island. This island is located in the heart of the Eco Park’s huge lake. It can only be accessed by boats. A glass house has been built on this island. Eco Park 360 ° views across the lake through the walls of the glass wall. Over 100 people can join the glass house for formal parties, corporate or family events. Wedding/birthday party, product launches and brand promotion can be done in a peaceful environment.


Amphi-theatre or open stage is situated near Banglar hat and food court. Several cultural programs are held in this stage. This gallery will accommodate 2,000 people.

Rabi Aranya

Robi Aranya is near 1 no gate and 1 no jetty. The garden is decorated with stones Gitanjali, Chattimatla, Ghantatala, open-air theatre etc. In Rabi Aranya, all the trees are taken from the literature of Rabindranath Thakur.

Wild Flower Meadow and Formal Garden

These two gardens are very popular for the verity of flowers.

Rose Garden

This rose garden has already famous by this name. This garden got an award for the roses. Don’t forget to see the black rose, which is being from Chandigarh.

Artist’s Cottage

The fresh air behind the rose garden ignores the lake of flowers, this cottage is considered to be a dream destination for a poet, singer, or painter to promote their creative enthusiasm.

Eco Children’s Park

Popular eco Children Park is just opposite to the mask garden. Behind the development of this park the famous artist Rupchand Pal is involved.

Graffiti Walls

Our two famous artists Mr. Jogen Chowdhury and Mr. Subhaprasanna do their paintings on the south parking by their modernized colour paintings.

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly garden dome can be seen from a distance. As the butterfly falls asleep in the early evening, the garden close earlier. Try to take a look before 3 p.m.

Play Area

The play area is just next to the butterfly garden. Also here is a golf course.

Bamboo Garden

Here Bamboo Garden is also known as grassland. In this garden 23 type of bamboo tree found here. There is also a gaming zone.

Fruits Garden

In this garden, you can see 63 different kinds of fruits tree.

Food Court

Lots of food courts are available on the park premises. There is almost 20 food court are developed in the total area.

Adda Zone

Adda Zone is opposite the Artist’s cottage. From here you can see the lake and the musical fountain.

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Musical Fountain

The Musical Fountain is near Artist Cottage. The musical fountain has a great show in the evening. This musical fountain is the widest in eastern India. The colours of the squares are made in all the computers. The fountain can be seen from far away. Another musical fountain you can find at Mohor kunjo Kolkata. But its closed for few years.

Musical fountain show time 5.45 p.m, 6.15 pm, 6.45 pm.

Tea Garden

In the tea garden, you got a flavour of Darjeeling. The garden is near Gate no 1. This area is on the way to rotating through a tea garden area and complete with a composting plant.

Mask Garden

The Mask Garden is near Rain Forest Garden. Apart from all the districts of West Bengal, state of India, as well as in all over the world’s mask can found here. Note – Charida Purulia chow mask is very well know and popular .

eco park photo

eco park photo


The Bengal Hath where various types of handmaid product are sold. Those who are enjoying shopping they may visit BISWA BANGLA stall Gate no 4 in Eco Park. There is a gift canter near the entry plaza.

Eko park wedding venue Kolkata

You can plan your wedding ceremony at Eco Park, on Sabuj Deep Island. On this island, there is 22 luxurious double-bedded cottage are available.

You also get a cafeteria named CAFE EKANTE (a unit of WBHIDCO). It is the ideal place for a wedding venue. You get very classy and environment-friendly atmosphere like sabuj deep picnic spot in Eco Park Cafe.

Ekante Eco Park Kolkata

In the eco-park, Sabujsathi Island is just into the centre of the lake. It is accessible by boat only and you can find a glass house and double bedded room and the cafeteria called Ekante cafe. You can see the whole view of the Eco Park across the lake through the glass walls is simply spectacular.

There are also three open-air viewing galleries, green lawn and paved pathways. This is basically a family restaurant. To visit this cafe has to book the ticket before the day of the visit. The different types of Bengali cuisine are available in this Cafe. In Cafe Ekante room booking facility is also available online and one can spend a whole day on the Island. This room is basically a cottage (I already mentioned this above) and at the middle of the lake, so you can spend a wonderful night with your family in this seven wonder park.

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Mothers wax museum kolkata

Also, one additional information is the Mothers wax museum which is located opposite to the Eco Park. This is  a wax museum and the sculptures of different famous artist of India are built in this museum.


Mothers wax museum kolkata entry fee

The entry free is 250 rupees(pp). The museum is on the 5th and 6th floor of Finance Centre. Closed everyday 7:30 pm.

There are some mother wax museum in also in India. Some of theme are :-

  1. Melody World Wax Museum – Mysore
  2. K Dev Bhoomi Wax Museum – Mussoorie
  3. Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum – Lonavala
  4. Louis T ussaud’s wax museum –  Bangalore
mother wax museum kolkata

mother wax museum kolkata


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