44th International Kolkata book fair | Boi mela venue stalls location 2020

kolkata book fair

44th international Kolkata book fair

Hei !! you want to go to the 44th Kolkata Book Fair, right? Do you know Where the location of the fair? To know read this article. Now the book fair is not just a book fair, rather it’s a complete festival enrich with food, Baul song, shopping and gossiping, and other activity’s.

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The 44th international Kolkata book fair inaugurated on January 29th January 2020. Guatemalan Ambassador Giovanni Castillo was present at the time of the conference and unveiled the logo of the theme. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will inaugurate this fair. It is held in Central Park, salt lake – Karunamoyee or Milan Mela (location not fixed).

In this festive time, another attraction is the 7th Kolkata Literature Festival, which is a glory of the book fair. This occasion will be celebrated in the book fair premises. Literature Festival will be a combination of writer, director, historian, author, theater personality etc.

A statistic said that last year of the book fair 2.2 million visitors came and books worth 22 corers were sold in the book fair.

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Kolkata International book fair

The international Kolkata book fair’s official name is Antarjatik Kolkata Boimela / Antarjatik Kolkata Pustakmela. This is a unique book fair because it is mainly for the general public rather than wholesale book distributors. It is the world’s largest non-commercial book fair, as well as Asia’s biggest book fair, and the world’s most public attended book fair.

Kolkata book fair is the world’s third largest annual collection of books event, after the Frankfurt book fair and the London book fair. Today boimela (bookfair) in Kolkata is an integral part of their lifestyle. Now the Kolkata book fair is not only a book fair, but it’s also an opportunity for the writer, painters, singers, musician and a opportunity to introduce West Bengal’s food by the food companies.

This year United Kingdom, America, Russia, China, Japan, Vietnam, other 11 Latin American countries and Bangladesh will participate. In this year the first time Iran and Pakistan try to participate in the book fair. Our other states like Delhi Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka’s publisher they also participate in the Kolkata book fair.

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Kolkata Boi mela date and timing

The starting date is Wednesday, 29 January 2020 and  Kolkata book fair last date is Sunday, 9 February 2020.

Calcutta book fair timing is 12 PM – 8 PM.

International Kolkata book fair stalls

International Kolkata book fair stalls are about 580 Book publishers in Kolkata and 200 little magazines will participate in this year.

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How to reach 

There are several ways to reach the mela ground(if its in saltlake). You can come to Ultadanga and hire an auto or if you come from Em bypass reach beleghata, chingrighata, kadapara etc and reach by auto. There are many buses are available for this event. From sealdah railway station you can easily get auto for Kadapara, Beleghata etc.

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Kolkata Boi Mela special buses

Special buses available from :

Howrah Railway station

Esplanade (Dharmatala)

Dum Dum Railway station

Sealdah Railway station

Santragachi Railway station

Joka and Belala



Jadavpur 8 B bus stand

Chingrighata More


Dunlop More

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Last year book fair attentions

  • CALCUTTA ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORPORATION (CESC) made an APP for an ANDROID and ISO mobile to locate any Kolkata book fair stalls.
  • The book fair offers special arrangements like medical assistance, the ambulance with doctors, Wi-Fi zones, shuttle services and security personnel have been made for event attendees.
  • Maya civilization and history
  • Ancient holy books
  • Introduction 4000 years old Astronomy
  • Two Big kites about 40 feet heights
  • Sheff come from Guatemala and teach there cooking style

Kolkata Book Fair History

  • The first time, in the year 1976 on 5th March the Calcutta book fair was inaugurated. This time the boimela inaugurated by the state education minister, Mrityunjay Bandyopadhyay. The Book fair located at the ground beside the Victoria Memorial, opposite of the Academy of Fine Arts. This book fair made with 56 stalls and participate 34 Book publishers in Kolkata. The entry was 50 paisa. This year guild organized another book fair and also participate in the World Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • In 1983, the Secretary-General of International Publishers Association (IPA), Geneva, Mr Koutcowmow was present at the inaugural ceremony.
  • In the year 1988, for the growing number of publishers, the book fair requires more space each year. The ground opposite of Rabindra Sadan and Birla Planetarium became impossible to organize the book fair. Then the book fair authorities move for the new place which was near Esplanade and Outram ghat Road and become the new venue for this international event.
  • In the year 1991 Kolkata international book fair start having a focal theme every year as the Frankfurt Bookfair. Firstly they decided the theme based on the Indian state. The first focal theme was Assam, followed by Orissa, Tripura, Bihar and West Bengal.
  •  In the year 1997, the book Fair gets really international value. This year for the first time, the focal theme was a foreign country, and that was France.
  • This year a disaster happened, the fair was completely destroyed by the violent explosions of fire on the sixth day of the fair and everyone suffered with huge losses. Then the reconstruction of this fair was done within 3 days by the initiative of the State Culture and Home Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.
  • In this year 1999, Bangladesh was a focal theme. A remarkable incident was, after 27 years, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to this city of literature.
  •  In 2006, the book fair happened last time in the Maidan.
  • In 2007, the book fair authorities face a critical situation. The Kolkata high court issued an order to stop the book fair in the Maidan. It was just before the day of fair inauguration. The fair scheduled become changed and it was shifted to Salt Lake stadium. In this year only 8 lakh people come to the fair whereas in 2006 the number was 25 lakh.
  • In the year 2008, book fair already organized in park circus Maidan. But again just before the day of inauguration, the Calcutta High Court issued an order to stop the book fair in this place. Because of some environment issue. So the book fair was postponed. After clearing all legal issue the fair was organized in Salt lake Stadium in the month of March.
  • In the year 2010 the book fair committee decides that if a person has bought books worth 200 rupees, the entry fee will be refunded. This naturally boosted sales.
  • In this year 2011, the Guild offered free space to the Little magazine stall holders. As well as the government take an initiative, they said Guild to share earning profit from book fair so that they made Guild Milan Mela Ground. Also it can be used by the state government to organize their fairs.
  • In 2011 to 2018 the book fair shifted to salt lake central park because of contractions of Milam mela.
  • In this year 2020 the book fair again happened in salt lake central park. Probably next year it will be shifted in Milan Mela again.


কলকাতা বইমেলা ও আমি

 বিধান নগর স্টেশন থেকে  অটো ভাড়া ২০ টাকা। বই পোকা দের জন্য সুসংবাদ।  ৪৪ তম Kolkata Book Fair .   চলবে ২৯ শে জানুয়ারী থেকে ৯ ঐ ফেব্রুয়ারী পর্যন্ত। সময় দুপুর ১২ তা থেকে সন্ধ্যা ৮ টা পর্যন্ত । স্থান সল্টলেক , সেন্ট্রাল পার্ক (*মিলন মেলা ও হতে পারে)।

আমার আগের বারের এক্সপেরিয়েন্স

অনেক দিন আগে থেকেই ক্যালেন্ডার এ দিনটা দাগিয়ে রেখেছিলাম। তাই শুরু হতে না হতেই ঝাঁপিয়ে পড়লাম। কাল Kolkata বই মেলা র Inauguration হয়ে গেলো। প্রথম দিন বলে ভিড়টা একটু কম ছিল, কিন্তু মেলা জমে উঠেছিল বাউল গানে ও নানান ছোট ছোট অনুষ্ঠানে, কোথাও চলছে কুইজ আবার কোথাও চলছে খেলা, আর প্রত্যেক বারের মতোই ফুড ষ্টল গুলো তে বেজায় ভিড়।এক ব্যাটা জোকর হাত মিলিয়ে ১০ টাকা নিয়ে নিলো। আলাপ হলো এক বাংলাদেশি রাইটার এর সাথে। সব মিলিয়ে সন্ধ্যা টা ভালোই কাটলো।

আগের বারের Boi Mela র আকর্ষণ ছিল 

১) গুয়াটেমালা থেকে শেফ আসছে রান্না শেখাতে
২) মায়া সভ্যতার ইতিহাস
৩) বেশ কিছু প্রাচীন দুষ্প্রাপ্য বই
৪) 40 ফুট উচ্চতা বিশিষ্ট দুটি বড় ঘুড়ি
৫) ফ্রি Wi-Fi ও মেডিকেল মেডিকেল সহায়তা
৬) ৪০০০ বছরএর পুরানো জ্যোতির বিজ্ঞান
৭) CESC একটা APP বানিয়েছে যার মাধ্যমে আপনি খুব সহজেই যেকোনো ষ্টল খুঁজে পাবেন

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2020 book fair address and location

2020 Kolkata Boimela venue Central Park Mela Complex at Salt Lake – Sector III inKarunamayee, Kolkata, West Bengal, or the Milan Mela ground (Venue not fixed).


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