Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking | Guest house accommodation tips

Mayapur iskcon temple room booking

Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking guide

Do you know, you can stay in Mayapur just for 100 rupees. The answer is Chaitanya Bhavan. Lots of times it’s happened to us, we are not getting the proper Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking guide when we plan for Mayapur.

Nabadwip Dham Mayapur Iskcon is the holy place of Hindus is situated on the bank of the Jalangi River. It is situated 130 kilometres away from Kolkata.  The headquarters of Iskcon – (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is located here.

First, Iskcon was registered in New York in July 1966. Krishna’s campaign started 500 years ago with the hand of Lord Chaitanya. Iskcon established by Swami Srila Prabhupada. 

Mayapur Iskcon Guest House

Sri Mayapur Dham accommodation is for everyone’s budget. At a time they can accommodate over 1000 pilgrims. Iskon offer visit Mayapur online booking facilities.

Mayapur Iskcon has guest houses with 5 different verities like Standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, A / C Room and Dormitory for the pilgrims and visitors to the Mayapur pilgrims.
Please note – At the time of arrival, you will be requested to show the Id proofs in the reception. Please carry national id for Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking.

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Carry anyone bellow

Passport Voter

ID PAN card

Driving license.

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Mayapur Iskcon Economy Housing

On the way to Goshala, Gauranga Kutir is located. It was inaugurated in 2003. It has 100 rooms and 4 staff to take care of this facility. Currently, the room rent is 150 rupees.
Next economy accommodation is Nityananda Kutir. It Inaugurated in 2012.

Popular Bhavans for  room booking

The popular Bhavans for Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking is “GADA Bhavan, GITA Bhavan, CHAITANYA Bhavan, etc. for staying.
My first visit is the Gada Bhavan for accommodation. It is the main centre for booking in Gada Bhavan, Nityananda Kutir, and Gouranga Kutir.

If you still not get the room insight the temple, try the hotel booking sites like trivago,,, Expedia, make my trip.

1. Iskcon Mayapur Conch Bhavan

The Conch Bhavan is placed behind the main temple. It is directly located from several prominent tourist spots, which is located within walking distance. The Bhavan campus is surrounded by green plants and has a peaceful environment.

2. Gada Bhavan (All Bhavan’s booking office)

In Gada Bhavan the room rent between 300 rupees to 5000 rupees. Also, you can get a ticket for Mahaprasad from Gada Bhavan reception.

The lunchtime is from 1 pm to 2 pm and the ticket price is 60 rupees. Dinner time is 8 pm to 9 pm ticket price is 50 rupees. If you stay in Gada Bhavan, you can get Prasad in the room as well.

Please note all the Bhavans check out time is 8 am.

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3. Chaitanya Bhavan

Next, I visit Chaitanya Bhavan. The room booking can be done from Gita Bhavan. The room rent is 500 to 1900 rupees.

Chaitanya Bhawan Guest House is situated on Brahmachari kitchen. Here you have to book a room one month before the check-in date.

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4. Gita Bhavan

My next visit is Gita Bhavan. The room rent starts from 400 rupees with a common bathroom and room starts from 800 rupees with attached bathroom.

5. Vamsi Bhavan

Next to staying option is Vamsi Bhavan. Vamsi Bhavan is for Mayapur lifetime members. Those who are enrolled with 35500 rupees they will get privileged for lodging and food here. they also get these facilities in other Mayapur properties all over the world.

6. Isodyan Bhavan

Next, we move for Isodyan Bhavan. You can also stay here. Non-AC room rent starts from 1000 Rupees and AC room rent starts from 3000 rupees. For booking in Isodyan Bhavan, contact with Gita Bhavan.

7. The cheapest room in Mayapur – The Gauranga Kutir

Now we come to the cheapest room in Mayapur. The Gauranga Kutir room rent starts from 100 rupees with common bathrooms. It is here that it will be increased by 100 rupees to 150 rupees in the future. The rooms are made with fences.

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8. Nityananda Kutir

Next, we come to Nityananda Kutir. It also comes with a low budget. Rooms are made with bricks, with common toilets. Room rent is 300 rupees.

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9. Namhatta Bhavan

There is another option for a staying that is Namhatta Bhavan. Here you can get Prasad like Gita Bhavan or Gada Bhavan.

If you want to stay for a long period in Mayapur, contact in Shruti Bhavan.


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10. Sruti Bhavan

Sruti Bhavan guest house is another staying option in Mayapur ISKCON Campus. This building is specially made for youth and students. But everyone can stay here. It is located in a peaceful and solitary area. That’s why this is the ideal destination for youth and student. This guest is constructed in a spiritual and religious environment. Youths and students are safely staying here at a reasonable cost. And they can get a 20% discount on room rent. In this Bhavan, they can use the monthly staying package facility. From the main temple, Sruti Bhavan is 5 to 7-minute walking distance in the way to Gosala. 

For Booking contact to the Chaitanya Bhavan or – 03472-245308.

So which place you love most? Tell me in commend.

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Room booking Online  in Iskcon

Mayapur Iskcon temple room booking online facility for the Conch Bhavan, Gada Bhavan and Vamsi Bhavan. The Conch Bhavan building is connected to the temple. The Gada Bhavan building is about 5 minutes walk from the main temple. The Vamsi Bhavan is about 7-10 minutes walking from the main temple.


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Wish You a very happy journey.

One thing I noticed in Mayapur temple, for Indian citizen, we have to keep the mobile /shoe in a separate counter but for the foreigner, they can easily take a picture inside of the temple without prior notice. I can not understand why this kind of discrimination in my own country.


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