Ambika Kalna [Sabuj deep] 108 siva temple tourism guide

Ambika Kalna 108 shiv mandir

Sabujdwip and Ambika Kalna tour details

Well, you may be searching for Sabijdwip or Ambika Kalna or Purbasthali tour and get my guide. You might think it’s not what you are searching for? Let me assure you it’s really relevant what you need. I combined all those places for you, so you can get an easy idea about those places. Let’s start with Sabuj deep.

Sabujdwip island has been developed 75 km away from Kolkata. It’s under Hooghly district. This island at the confluence of Hooghly and Behula river and it is 2 km long shaded with various trees like tamarind, Akasmoni, palm, eucalyptus, Arjun etc. Greenery is all around and hence the name is the gaps of leaves of the trees. In winter Sabuj deep picnic spot is ideal. The roads are rows of coconut trees. There is also a children park, watchtower. From Sabujdwip Ambika Kalna is just a little distance.

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katwa route details

Katwa route details


Howrah – any Katwa local – 25rs – Somrabazar

Sealdah – 5:35 am (Jagnipur memo) 3hour 25 minutes approx. – Somrabazar

For  Sabjudwip ghat take van or toto, sarkari boats(10rupees)  are available in winter season or Small boats are available for crossing the reviver and enjoying riverside with an hourly cost.

Return train from Somrabazar to Howrah- 4:08 pm 4:54 pm Please carry your food because there is no such good hotel. Please note Sabujdwip Ambika Kalna can not rounded up is the same day.

sabujdwip island

from Sabujdwip island

Our holiday story Kalna

We visited Ambika Kalna by train from Howrah. The available train is Katwa local. Kalna is on Purba Bardhaman district of West Bengal. It’s a two hours journey from Howrah. The railway station name is Ambika Kalna. From the station, we hire a riksha and visited all the placed within 3 hours and come back in the same way. The rickshaw (nowadays Toto’s are available) charge 200 rs per hour Please carry food or finished lunch in outside of the Kalna station. Best time to go is in the winter season. Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour terracotta art is also famous in Bengal.


ambika kalna rajbari photo

Ambika Kalna rajbari


terracotta work Kalna

Kalna is just 82 km from Kolkata. It can reach buy Howrah and Sealdah also. Kalna and Santipur are located on either side of Ganga. In 1975 the temple was built by the king of Burdwan Chitra Sen.In his kingdom Siddheswari Debi temple was made and this is the main attraction. Ambika Kalna is a Vaishnav and Shakta pilgrim centre.

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Place to see in ambika Kalna 

Siddheshwari temple

Siddheshwari Devi temple is dedicated to Devi Ambika, and it is after her that Kalna is also known as Ambika Kalna.

Debi Bhabani temple 

The Debi Bhavani temple is established by Bhabendramohan Chowdhury popularly known as Bhaba Pagla. The temple has beautiful needlework by Bhaba pagla.

Sri Gauranga Mandir

According to rumour Sri Chaitanya/ Nimai comes alive through the idol. Cut from the need tree under which Nimai was born.

108 shiv Mandir Kalna 

It is built in 1809, It is also known as Nava Kailash. The temples are constructed in two circles. One consist of 74  temples while the other has 34.  The temple was made of white marble and the “Shiva linga’s” made with black stone. All the Siva lingas can be seen from the centre of the temple. Terracotta work can found there.

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Pratapeswar Shiva Temple

The temple is also rich in terracotta work. The wall is described the daily activities of the women’s, it tales from the Purans.

And others are Krishna Chandra Mandir, Buddhist temple etc.

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On the way to Kalna, Dumurdaha can be reached. I have a special interest in this place. My kulguru Swami uttamanadaji Maharaj’s ashram there. It’s called Uttam ashram. The ashram is very near to Dumurdaha station. He has many ashrams in all over India and in Dumurdaha is the main ashram. Other monks are also staying there. The place is very peaceful. There is also a staying facility for outsiders. Only veg food is allowed in this place. Lots of flower garden, trees surrounded in that place.

The prayer and the arati are very memorable for me. There is a special place for ladies also. There is a very beautiful river just few feet left. At the time of Sivaratri and Magh Purnima, their calibration is most popular. That time another ‘shishya’ is coming from another location to celebrate the occasion.


Uttamanadaji Maharaj Ashram


Purbasthali / Chupi  one day trip from Kolkata 

The Purbasthali is the haven for migratory birds. The lake belongs to Burdwan and Nadia. Fishermen have interest for boat rent and fishing, for that they facilitate keep the lake clean. Every year lots of birds are coming from a different location. The birds have returned when the temperatures are rising in the lake. There is a picnic spot also.  Everything is very disciplined. No loudspeakers are allowed throughout picnics and huge vehicles are created to park at a distance. It’s a very good one-day return trip from Kolkata in winter.

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purbasthali adventure


Purbasthali bird



Sealdah to Purbasthali by train30
Purbasthali Station to Chupi island by van10
CHUPI boat fair400(100 per head )
Katoa (Purbasthali ) to Howrah – 2525
Total175 (pp)
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Burdwan tour guide

The Burdwan city is located 95 km from Howrah on the bank of the river Damodar. The GT road through the centre of the city. The 24th Jain Tirthankara started his preaching of Jain religion from the bank of Damodar in this place.  He even was born here. The name too was after the Tirthankara Bardhaman to Burdwan.

In 1903 the honour of Lord Curzon, the star of India gate portal was constructed 1 km away from the rail station. The Curzon gate is a beautiful example of architecture. In the time it came to be called as Bijoy toron by the name of the person who builds it.

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Burdwan Tourist Place 

At alamgung, on the way to sadarghat, there is massive bardhamaneswar shiva situated. The famous burdwan 108 shiva temple at nabaghat is just 4 km from the Burdwan station. At the time of Shivaratri, there is a grand fair here. Besides this, in the GT road, Goalp bag rose garden is there.  Kankaleshwari Kali mandir is there also.A little distance away Talitgarh from spread out over an area of 3km. Tourist is enchanted even today by the haya mahal, krishnasayar lake, manjilbahar where the royal family used to spend leisure time in the past. Megnath Saha planetarium is there also. Burdwan rajbari is also a tourist place.You can reach Burdwan by Sealdah and Howrah by local train.

One special note whenever I think about Burdwan  I thought about Mihidana, Sitabhog and of course Saktigarer langcha.

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  1. Santanu says:

    Since we’re planning a day-trip and back by car, do you suggest tripping by a car is good (to the places to visit at Ambika Kalna?), or suggested to take riksha?

    Also, in Google Map I found there were two places – Ambika Kalna (rail station) and Kalna – if we hop by car which place we should target to reach? You see I have not enough knowledge about the place at all, so looking for your good suggestion! TY!

  2. Hi santanu,

    All the spot is very near from “Ambika kalna” railway station. Auto or riksha is parking might be a problem for all the places because of some narrow road. It will take Maximum 2 to 3hour for visiting all the places. If you have a car then you can go kalna and dumurdaha asram also. If you go with family You can find mental peace over there. Best of luck for your journey. Full day you can utilise. Please ping back after came back. Eager to here your experience.

    (Writing from mobile, please dont mind for typo error)

    • Santanu says:

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. We shall go in the family actually, me n my wife and our infant. It was indeed a subject to think whether it’s good to roam by car to those places. After your suggestion, now we are at least sure that it’s better to grab a rickshaw instead. Perhaps we park our car somewhere (although I don’t know where) and take a rickshaw.

      Sure thing, I shall let you know once come back ) and no problem with the typo.

      Thank you!

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