Shimla Manali tour plan share

The Reasons Why We Love Shimla Manali Tour Plan

The Reasons Why We Love Shimla Manali Tour Plan

We two couples going for the honeymoon at this place. Its the most beautifull and best Honeymoon Destination in India. Holiday in shimla is our first choice for our honeymoon. We take Kalka mail from Howrah in the month of April 2014, its a 2 days 2-night journey in train. When we reach Kalka its 4 am and take Sibalike express toy train for Shimla. Shimla Manali tour Plan details bellow :-

18th April 2014  to 29 April 2014

Return at Howrah at 11:30 am -29 April.

Normal temperature is 12 degree in April.

Kolkata to Simla:-

Distance 1834 km by train.

Simla to  Manali:-

Distance 248km by Car.

In return, we are not back again in Kalka via Simla in the same way so we have added Chandigarh.



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shimla mall road

shimla mall road

Shimla Manali tour plan

3 days 2 night at Simla & 5 night and 4days at Manali, 4day and 5 night in train=total 11 days

18 April – KALKA MAIL – time – 7:40 pm – departure from Howrah.

Return ticket 26/27/28/29 for Howrah Kalka mail 27 April at 11:55 pm.

20th April toy train Shivalik express(5:00 am) it a departure from Kalka(some toy train start earlier please check). Toy train ticket also can buy earlier from Indian railway. Last day we are in Chandigarh. Because return again via simla and kalka is not a good idea.


Hotel booked from cleartrip

Simla – 2 days -21april 22april

Manali – 4 days – 22,23, 24,25.26,april

Chandigarh 2 days…


manali photo

manali photo

Day -1 -18.04.2014

Train journey Howrah – 9 no platform at 7:40 pm

Day -2 -19.04.2014

Train journey

Day 3 -20.04.2014

The ridge shimla 

Arrival at Kalka at 4:30 am and go to Simla by toy train at 5:00 am, arrival at Simla 10:00 am & check-in for the hotel at Simla and rest. Enjoy in the mall, Kali Mandir, State Museum, buy cookies and drink at evening 3:30 pm – also book a small car for next day local side seen and booking for Manali.

(In addition to for alcoholic drinks, try the locally brewed wines such as apricot, plum, and apple & ginger cider. In predominantly Tibetan areas, a rice wine known as Chang is popular.)


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Day 4 -21.04.2014

local side saw at Simla- Chadwick Falls, Jakhoo Temple, Sankat Mochan, Tara Devi, Fagu, Kufri, Zoo.

fagu himachal pradesh

fagu himachal pradesh

Day 5 -22.04.2014

Check out Simla 6 am and go for Manali -distance-260km- check in at Manali at night including Manikaran(It’s on the way) and Sundar Nagar lake. Our hotel near at Club House and front of the beas river.

Best Bengali food available in Gumpha hotel.

Day 6 -23.04.2014

Local side seen 7 am -Hidimba Devi temple, Jagatsukh, Kothi, Manu temple, Mountaineering Institute, Nehru Kund, Basistha muni ashram Rahala waterfalls, Naggar fort, Kulu temple, village side temple and Beas river by footsteps.

Day 7 -24.04.2014

Morning at 5 am Rohtang pass, adventurer game at Solang valley and return to Manali market.

Day – 8 -25.04.2014

Next day eating a lot of local food, again hire a small car for Kulu  and by the time we also book a Volvo bus for Chandigarh at night.

Day 9 -26.04.2014


Day 10 -27.04.2014

All day activity in Chandigarh with Chandigarh tourism bus. Visit the rose garden, rock garden, Sukna lake, and museum etc  therefore we took the train from Chandigarh.

Day 11 – 28.04.2014

all day train

 Day 12 -29.04.2014

Return at Howrah at 11:30 am -29 April.

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rock garden chandigarh

rock garden chandigarh

Not to do list

  1. We Book a car for the entire tour from Simla. Which is cast 11000 for 3 days. We bear one-night stay cost for the driver which is included with the car package but in Manali, there are lots of cars available.
  2. When we come from Simla to Manali we go for Manikaran on the same journey, for the result we reach the too late at the night around 11 pm. Also the road for Manikarn(85 km) there is no light at all and the road condition is very dangerous.
  3. Don’t buy any Saffron kind of things from local shoppers. Buy only from reputed shops.
  4. Don’t rent dress for Rohtang pass earlier there are lots of locals ready to rent it at the spot.
  5. Don’t go for Simla Zoo, it takes a lot of time.

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Shimla Manali tour plan Idea

Kalka to Simla we convert local ticket to reserve ticket by help with the ticket checker.

**Again come to Kalka via Simla is not pretty good idea for us. So We add an extra trip @Chandigarh.


Shimla Manali tour plan Budget

For 4 people;-

Train fair -5440rs

Toy train fair -1120rs

Hotel – 6400+4800+1400rs

Food  7 days = 12000rs

Cab cost = Simla to Manali =14500rs

Bus fare for Chandigarh 1300rs

Amusement cost -5000rs

Extra = 3000(Including entry fee’s & charges for places)

Total = 54960,

Per head = 13740rs +5000rs for shopping



In Simla we buy few good shocks, there is a market around the mall. The journey from Simla to Manali we buy some fruit juice from Himachal govt juice center. In Kullu, we buy some sweater, shawl, form the shawl factory. In Manali, we buy some saffron, dry apricot, apple pickle from a reputed shop in Manali mall market and from Chandigarh sector 22 we buy some t-shirt (big size & good quality).


In all the location “Paratha” is common. Various type of “parathas are available”. In Chandigarh juice/shake lassie’s is available on every corner with a big size. At top of the Rohtang pass, we eat hot Maggi. In all over the Simla and Manali this kind of food available.



Packing list

Excluding all the dresses we carry gloves, socks, caps, knife, a small amount of rope, moisturizer cream, multipurpose plug, and a small torch etc.



In addition to please contact the hotel before two days before the date of the journey & always carry an identity card.

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