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Alipore zoological garden kolkata 0

Alipore zoological garden Kolkata | Chiriakhana entry timings new animals 2019

Alipore zoological garden Kolkata

In this winter Alipore zoological garden is the perfect destination for any weekends and holidays in kolkata. Every age of people including kids can enjoy a lot also. You also do a small picnic here. Stay with me guys, I will share, how I visited all the animals in Alipore zoo within 2 hours.


How I visit all the animals in Alipore zoological garden within 2 hours First part

First, we visit the salted watered crocodile. The salted watered crocodile found in India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Australia, etc. This crocodile’s average lifespan is 70 years. The average size is 17 feet and weight is 400kg to 1000kg.… Continue Reading