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Bankura Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour | kolkata weekend sightseeing plan

Bishnupur Mukutmanipur Tour Places to Visit

Bishnupur mukutmanipur tour can be done in a same day trip from kolkata. Arannayak expresss and rupashi bangla both are very good train to reach Bishnupur. The nineteenth Malla king Jagat Malla moved from the ‘Pradyumnapur’ and shifted his capital to the region of the red soil, Bishnupur in the fourteenth century.

Bishnupur terracotta art has taken a rare standing. This art enriched ancient Bengali temple culture. Music maestros like Jadu Bhatta, Radhika prasad, and Gyan Goswami introduce their music to the globe and also the style. It’s still terribly renowned as “Bishnupur Gharana“.Continue Reading