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Top 8 Jagannath rath yatra 2018 in India | Puri subha cart festival

Jagannath rath yatra –  The cart festival

Do you want to be part of the Rath Jatra? Here I am sharing the top 8 Rath yatra details, happened in India every year. It is a Hindu festival, associated with Lord Jagannath and one of the most famous festivals of India. The main carnival performed in Odisha. Other countries like New York, Japan, London, etc also celebrate  Jagannath rath yatra  with love.

Jagannath cart festival 2018

Every year they celebrate the Rath Yatra on the ‘Shukla Tithi’ of the Bengali month of “Asar” and in June of English month. This year on 14th July 2018 Shri Jagannath is in the Rath Yatra / Bahuda Tour celebrate in Puri.… Continue Reading