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Joynagarer moa recipe and buy | [Baharu] Majilpur station tourist places

Joynagarer Moa and  south 24 Parganas tour

In this winter season foodie people of West Bengal, love to eat sweets prepare from “Nolen gur”. The sweets called “moya” are the main preparation from “Nolen gur”. Jaynagar Majilpur is famous for this Bengal’s sweet item. But you must wander this sweet item first invented in Baharu instated of Jaynagar and still they produce in bulk. Baharu is the small village in Jaynagar Majilpur. That’s why it’s called “Joynagarer moa”.

Not only this sweet, but I also found various historical places surrounding Jaynagar Majilpur. Read this article and explore one by one.

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Joynagarer moya shop

In this winter season, everyone wants to taste the “Joynagarer moa “.… Continue Reading