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Nabadwip Dham [Mayapur] Krishnanagar All You Need To Know

All You Need To Know About Nabadwip Dham 

Nabadwip Dham & Mayapur Iskcon tour is one of the holy pilgrimage site in west Bengal. People come from worldwide. Both can be covered in a single day but I suggest please stay one nigh in Mayapur and be present in the Arati time. A heavenly feeling touch you on the moment. 

Nabadwip Tourism

In the past, the island had just begun to emerge from the Ganga and dwelling place was being built up. An ascetic every day used to practice austere asceticism by lighting Na diyas or nine lamps.

In time this Na diyas come to be known as Nadia, which the district headquarters in Krishnanagar.Continue Reading