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Puri Tourism Guide details 6

Puri Tourism Guide | Place for Odisha beach travel guide planner

Puri Tourism Guide

Bhubaneswar is called the city of temple and Puri is the most famous holy place in India. We just visited this year and I like to share my experience with you. In this Puri tourism guide, I have done few little smart tricks, especially on transport. It helped me to save my budget. Follow this guide it will definitely help you.


KOLKATA TO PURI 496 KM. Temperature is 34 degree in march.

Four people with one child.

Journey start with –  HWH PURI EXP 10:35 pm reach Bhubaneswar 05:05 am.

Continuing – DHOULI EXP from Bhubaneswar 12:45 pm, reach puri at 02:20 pm.… Continue Reading