Ayodhya Hills Purulia tour | kolkata train to pakhi pahar

Ayodhya Hills Purulia tour plan

Ayodhya hills Purulia

Purulia is a place mainly known for its peculiarity regarding nature, climate and demography. Many people go to Purulia district to regain health. The place is rich for its mineral deposits. Coal and granite are the main minerals found here. Ayodhya Hills in Purulia is a popular tourist spot of this district and recently has become an experimental centre for silk and team cultivation.

The masked ‘Chhau dance’ and ‘Tusa parab’ are the major attractions organized by the tribes. This district is the native home of the Santhal tribal of Ayodhya hills Purulia. For Ayodhya Purulia tourism, small group travel is ideal. 

Tusi Parab – This year 2020 Tusu Parab start in 14 January 2020 and end in 15 January 2020. 

Purulia travel guide Intro

Before our departure, our Rajgir tour was cancelled due to the delays of the train, at that time we were unable to get the reservation at any other train. So we are searching for a local tour and we got Purulia Hills and Jungle tourism. We found the Purulia tour which is comfortable for us from Kolkata city. The main point is, you don’t have to worried about your train ticket or flight tickets booking. A local train ticket “Kolkata to Purulia” can solve your problem.

 Visiting places in Purulia

  1. Day one… Sita kund in Ayodhya Hills Purulia & Ram mandir 2. kali pahar purulia 3. bharat sevashram sangha purulia 4. ramkrishna mission purulia 5. ajodhya hill tour (local)
  2. Day two… marble rock lake purulia 2. bamni falls 3. turga dam 4. khairabera dam 5.   Charida  village. 6. lahoriya shiva temple in Ayodhya Hills Purulia 7. lower dam purulia 8. upper dam purulia  9. mayur pahar  purulia.
  3. Day three. murguma dam in Ayodhya Hills Purulia 2. deulghata purulia.
Purulia tour costRupeesDay4 person
Kolkata to santragachi taxi fair900360 
Train Fair1200480 
toto from Purulia station to the bus stand10040 
bus stand to Ayodhya hill2000800car(1 day)
return train fair1200  
Ayodhya Hills Purulia sightseeing car fare and return85021200+2200car (2 days)
Total2965 (PP)

 Our hotel booking

We booked the govt guest house (Malabika) at the hilltop. The place is neat and clean and the room size as standard. The place is pleasant and safe because of a military base camp just beside the hotel.

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Our Holiday Story

We started our journey from Sonarpur at 4:00 am, Reach Ballygunge station from where we booked an Uber car for Santragachi station. At 6:25 am the train whistled.

Around 12:30 pm we four people with my child reached Purulia station. After that, we took a toto to the bus stand and we hire an “ambassador car” for Ayodhya hills in Purulia. Taking an ambassador car is cost-effective because it’s running on diesel and the rate is also low. You can booked the from station also but it’s very less and they are waiting for only for the train only. All these car gone after the train passed from the station. From the bus stand, there are few buses also going to Ayodhya hilltop with just 35 rupees, but it’s few and it’s a time taking matter. We reached our hotel around 3:15 pm and finished our lunch between the journey.


Watch Before you Visit 

(Note  – Sorry for the low sound, requesting you to use headphones)

Ayodhya Pahar travel guide

At the evening we booked a car for next day Purulia sightseeing and we met local peoples, they are very humble and hardworking. Around 8:00 pm we came back to the hotel, finished dinner and went to sleep. We reach Ayodhya hilltop via Sirkabad road. Purulia railway station to Ayodhya Pahar the journey was approx 40 km. On the way, we visit Khairabera dam.

ajodhya pahar purulia guide

ajodhya pahar purulia


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Ayodhya hill tourism (local)

Next day we decide to hang out in the local places by walking. We visit “Sita kund” also called “Burburidham” in the morning. Its 1 km walking distance from our lodge.

The legend here is that, during the year of exile, Sree Ramchandra had come to Ayodhya hill with Sita Devi on the way to “Dandak“. In order to quench the thirst of Sita Devi, Sree Ram perched an arrow through the earth and extracted water, in course of time it became a well. “Disum Sendra” which is the hunting festival of Purulia tribals, they drink the holy water first from the sita kund and then started hunting in the jungle.

In the evening we went to Kalipahar which is another hill beside Ayodhya hills. It is far higher than Ayodhya hill. The view is also good but accommodation is very less over there, after spending a few times there, we went to the market and buy some snacks and returned to the hotel.

Our 1st Purulia tourist spot

Next day for Purulia sightseeing we left Ajodhya Hills. In the morning we finished our lunch at roadside around 10 o’clock. Our first destination is the Marble lake.

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Marble lake Purulia tour

Marble lake is the main tourist attraction in Purulia. At the time of going to, I noticed that the road conditions were very bad. So it’s good to hire a big car. Although I feel adventures in this travel.  The marble lake area is very beautiful and the lake is situated in the middle of the several hills.

The lake was created due to the cutting of stones at the time of the construction of the upper dam and lower dam. This lake has been created due to the water coming out of the soil to cut mountains. The watercolour of the lake is black. We climbed a little to the mountains very carefully. From there, the view of the lake was really excellent.


marble lake purulia ayodhya hill

marble lake purulia

Bamni falls

Secondly, we visited Bamni falls. This place is also very classy for the nature lover, but the entire waterfalls only are seen from the bottom of the lake. The stairs are very long and rough to get down. Please reserved extra time whenever you visit Bamni falls. The waterfall can be seen a little when getting down a minimum of 250 stares, it is not recommended for senior citizens.

I step down roughly 500 steps in approx 800 steps. Bellow the Bamni falls a lake has flowed from this waterfall. The lake surrounded by hills and it looks great. I must suggest everyone please do at least one tours in Purulia.

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Turga Dam

From here we go for Turag Falls. A far away Turag dam is there. These falls are seen from above the mountain. You can spend some pleasant time in the dam area.

turga dam purulia west bengal

turga dam purulia

Khairabera dam Purulia

Another attraction is the Khairabera dam in Purulia. The dam is on Khaira river. It is also one of the major attractions of Purulia. the blue water of the Khairabera lake, and the dam surrounded by hills of Ayodhya and shaded by trees, and it’s really fantastic.

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Charida village 

After Khairabera dam, we went for Purulia chhau mask-making village. It is also called the village of masks. The mask of the Chow dance is made here. There are various kinds of masks in this village. It is an almost a pilgrim centre for making masks of chow dance. You can see masks in the making stages and also you can buy the stuff from them. The famous artist Padmashree Gambhir Shing birthplace in the Charida village.

Chhau dance of Bengal is very famous. This year (2019) Chhau dance mask will happen along with a fair on 14th to 16th December in this village. Time – 11 am to 8 pm.

The nearest railway station is Balarampur. From Balarampur Bus and car service is available(time – 45 minutes).

charida mask village purulia

charida village purulia

Lahoria Shiva Temple Purulia

After that, we went to a temple called Lahoria. Lahoria Shiva Temple is right next to the Lower Dam. The temple is very ancient and historical values.

One day before the “Chaitra Sankranti”(a Hindu festival) a two day’s fair-Laharia Baba’s Gajan Mela takes place few km away from Ayodhya crossing in order to gratify enraged earth. It is also a popular tourist spot of Purulia.

lahoriye shib mandir and dam purulia

lahoriye shib mandir purulia

Purulia pumped storage hydroelectric power plant

After visited the temple, we went for the Lower Dam and upper dam. The water flowed from the upper dam to lower dam and create hydroelectricity. A huge hydroelectricity plant is also there and it is the main Purulia power plant and it’s an important Purulia pump storage project.

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Mayur pahar 

While returning we attend Mayur Pahar. The resonant sounds of the wind whistling through the pine, sal and silk-cotton trees, the resonance of beating ‘Madal’ floating from afar and beauty of the moonlight night really enchant lovers of nature. We stay a little while sunset. The romance of the dim light is very bright it is in my memory till now.

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Murguma dam 

We decide at the time of returning we stop over to Murguma and Deulghata. We have done the breakfast earlier, and get out for Murguma. Purulia to Murguma is 45 km by car and it’s a one and half hour journey. We came across different tribal villages and hills, and reached Murguma. The lake in Murguma surrounded on three hills. On the other hand, the water is surrounded by a dam.

We walked a long way through the road on the dam. The chirping of bird makes this hilly forest charming. You cal feel Intoxication smell of Mahua from the forest. A dam has been constructed of Murguma river and a water reservoir also has been developed.

Murguma was looking like a photo from a distance. Palash Bitan Eco Resort or Bon Polashi Eco Hut is a good choice for Murguma hotels. Both are near to the dam. After spending one hour in Murguma, then we went towards Deulghata.

 Ayodhya Hills Purulia murguma dam west bengal

murguma dam purulia


From Murguma to Deulghata 15 km, and it takes half an hour. Purulia to Deulghata 27 km. Deulghata Temple is situated on the bank of Kanshvati River. In the past, for the purpose of promoting Jainism, this temple complex was erected in the temple premises. However, most temples have been destroyed.

Now there are only two temples, and the terracotta work still exists in the temple. The idols here are found, all of them are ancient, and the idols were made of black basalt stone. A fair is held here during the winter. However, the temples and the idols need to be preservation.

On returning, I saw the sunset from the train, and I got upset, and thus my Ayodhya hills Purulia tour was finished.

 Ayodhya Hills Purulia deulghata west bengal purulia tour

deulghata west bengal


Pakhi Pahar is the main attraction of Matha, carved out of a 1000 ft high hill about 1 km away from Bhuchungdi crossing which is 3 km away from Matha on the way to Barabhum. The entire hill seems to be flying with spread wings. Different species of birds have their nests here. A group of sculptors are carving the hill in order to discover something new.

This project “Flight to Harmony ” was initiated by the individual effort of Kolkata artist Chitta Dey 1992. This could be an additional point of interest with Ayodhya hills Purulia tour.

Cheap shopping place in Purulia

Charida village is the main and prime attraction of shopping. We bought 4 masks from there. Souvenir starts from Rs 10 only. All is the so famous special handmade products in India.

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Purulia Ayodhya Pahar travel guide West Bengal tourism

We searched for a lot of hotels near Ayodhya hills  in a shorter time and we found Niharika and Malabika Lodge which is a govt guest house under West Bengal tourism. Both lodges are situated in a very good location in Ayodhya hill and you can easily start your tour from there.

Ayodhya hill hotels

Govt guest house:-

Purulia Youth Hostel
Phone – 03252224742
You can book online.

Yuba abas Purulia


Purulia Deer Park
Phone – 03252-222604

Forest Banglo

Ayodhya Forest Guest House
Matha forest bungalow
Balrampur forest guest house
Matha Tree House

Phone – 03252-222329

Comprehensive Development Area Corporation (wbcadc guest house booking)
Guesthouse Name :
Niharika, Malabika, Manasi, Malancha, Anamika, Balaka, Bibhabari, Upekhita.

Phone – 033-22377041-43 office in charge Mr Sujay babu 8001934058 and Mr
Gour babu 7501524345

Kumari Kanan Guest house

Contact: WB CADC, Nilkuthidanga, Purulia.
Phone – 03252-225726

Private Hotels

1) Aranyak Lodge
(Hazaria, Bagmundi)
(near pump storage project)

Contact: [email protected]
Mobile: 9932725555/9732394115

2) Manvum Tourist Lodge
(Ghodharia, Bagmundi)
Mobile: 9734776894

3) CANKA touristy lodge
(Ayodhya bend)
Mobile: 9732134656

4) Sriduga Lodge
(Ayodhya bend)
Mobile: 9785363833/9933907348

5) Renuka Lodge
(Ayodhya bend)
Mobile: 9647595073/9732089041

6) Star Lodge:
(In front of Bagmudi Police Station)
Mobile: 9002114701

7) Hillview Lodge (8942961501)

8) Family Lodge (8159850044)

9) There are also Day Centers, Shaal-Pial Lodge, Deepshikha (9564169591), Hilot Lodge (8972111906), Bharat Sevashram Sangha (03252-202894 / 9434877570)

10) Abhaya Lodge (Bagmundi)
Contact: 8420935330

You can also stay at the Lions Club’s Guest House.
Ajodhya Guest House
(Implemented by Mandara Lions Club)
(Sahebdi, Ayodhya, Bagmundi)
Mobile: 8348693400
(near pump storage project)

পুরুলিয়া অযোধ্যা পাহাড় ঘোরার বাংলায় বিবরণ

এবারের শীতে যারা পুরুলিয়া যেতে চান এই গাইড টি তাদের জন্য।
পুরুলিয়া এমন একটি জায়গা যেটি কলকাতা থেকে খুব সহজেই পৌঁছানো যায়, কোনো রিজার্ভ টিকিট এর প্রয়োজন হয় না। ঘোরার জন্য পুরুলিয়াকে দুটি ভাগে ভাগ করা চলে প্রথম টি হলো অযোধ্যা পাহাড় যেটি পুরুলিয়া স্টেশন থেকে যেতে হয়। আর দ্বিতীয় টি হোলো বড়ন্তি যেটি পোঁছাতে গেলে আপনাকে আসানসোল হয়ে আসতে হবে। দুটি দিক ই সমান জনপ্রিয় এবং দুদিকেই অনেক দেখার জায়গা আছে। এই পোস্টে আমি অযোধ্যা পাহাড় ঘোরার এক্সপেরিয়েন্সেস শেয়ার করছি।
আমরা সকাল ছটা পঁচিশ মিনিটে সাঁতরাগাছি স্টেশন থেকে রূপসী বাংলা ট্রেন এ উঠেছিলাম এবং সাড়ে বারোটা নাগাদ পুরুলিয়া পৌছালাম।
সেখান থেকে একটি টোটো ধরে আমরা পুরুলিয়া বাস স্ট্যান্ড এ এলাম ও একটা এম্বেসেডর গাড়ি বুক করে আমরা অযোধ্যা পাহাড় চলে এলাম। পুরুলিয়া রেলস্টেশন থেকে অযোধ্যা পাহাড় প্রায় 40 কিমি। পথে দেখে নিলাম Khairabera Dam.

আপনি পুরুলিয়া স্টেশন বা সাহেব বাঁধ এরিয়া থেকেও গাড়ি বুক করতে পারেন অযোধ্যা পাহাড় যাওয়ার জন্য। পুরুলিয়া বাস স্ট্যান্ড থেকে ও বাস এ অযোধ্যা পাহাড় যেতে পারেন (৮০ টাকা ভাড়া)।

Note – পুরো ট্রিপ এর জন্য এখনই কোনো গাড়ি বুক করার প্রয়োজন নেই।

অযোধ্যা পাহাড় পুরুলিয়া সাইড সিন

বিকেল সাড়ে তিনটে নাগাদ হোটেল এ পৌছালাম এবং চারিপাশ টা হেঁটে ঘুরে নিতে নিতে সাইড সিন এর গাড়ি টা বুক করলাম ওখানকার ছোট বাস স্ট্যান্ড থেকে। পরদিন আমরা হেঁটে কিছু সাইড সিন করলাম .
1. সিতা কুন্ড & রাম মন্দির 2. কালী পাহাড় 3. ভারত সেবাশ্রম সংস্থা 4. রামকৃষ্ণ মিশন 5. ময়ূর পাহাড়। ময়ূর পাহাড় থেকে সানসেট অসাধারণ দেখতে লাগবে।

পরেরদিন আমরা গাড়ি নিয়ে সাইড সিন করলাম

1. মার্বেল লেক 2. বাঁমনি ফলস 3. তুর্গা বাঁধ , 4. চড়িদা গ্রাম। যেখানে আপনি খুব সুন্দর সুন্দর মুখোশ কিনতে পারবেন ঘর সাজানোর জন্য ১০ টাকা থেকে শুরু, 5. লহরিয়া শিব মন্দির 6. Lower dam 7. Upper dam.
1.মুরগুমা বাঁধ 2. দেউলঘাটা দেখে পুরুলিয়া স্টেশন ফিরলাম এবং আবার রূপসী বাংলা (দুপুর ৩.৩৫) ধরে কলকাতা পৌছালাম।

আপনি যদি একদিন এ অযোধ্যা পাহাড় ঘুরে আসতে চান তাও সম্ভব রাতে চক্রধরপুর প্যাসেঞ্জার ধরুন সকাল এ পুরুলিয়া নামুন সারাদিন গাড়ি করে সাইড সীন করুন এবং আবার রাতে চক্রধরপুর প্যাসেঞ্জার ধরে কলকাতা ফিরে আসুন।

Note – অযোধ্যা পাহাড়ে দেশি মুরগির ছড়াছড়ি।

দুজন এর পুরুলিয়ার খরচ

দুজন এর ট্রেন ফেয়ার up and down প্রতিজন 120 টাকা , 480 টাকা
পুরুলিয়া স্টেশন থেকে বাস স্ট্যান্ড পর্যন্ত 10 টাকা প্রতিজন, 20 টাকা
হোটেল 550 টাকা করে প্রতিদিন 1650(3 দিন)
খাবার খরচ 500 টাকা করে প্রতিদিন প্রতিজন 1500 (3 দিন)
পুরুলিয়া সাইড সিন গাড়ী ভাড়া
পুরুলিয়া থেকে অযোধ্যা পাহাড় 850 টাকা
অযোধ্যা সাইড সীন এবং ফেরা 1200 + 2200 টাকা
মোট 8260 টাকা
প্রতিজন 4130 টাকা
শপিং অতিরিক্ত

যা যা করলে আপনার খরচ বাঁচবে
১, সাইড সিন এর গাড়ি বুক করুন হোটেল পৌঁছনোর পর.
২. পুরুলিয়া থেকে অযোধ্যা পাহাড় ওঠা নামা করার পথে সাইড সিন গুলো সাজিয়ে রাখুন।


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  1. Santanu says:

    Demography wise the places looked more likely Biharinath/Baranti area. BTW, I liked the Marble Lake area in your description; this is something little apart than the usual village, lake, small-hills etc. The gov. lodge – can it be done through online, or you required to visit somewhere locally?

    Very informative though!

  2. Baranti is another side of Purulia.. i am also preparing another guide for it. Go for murguma dam and stay atleast half a [email protected]

  3. Raja says:

    Very useful TR – specially the break-up of rates that you have given. Plz let me know if you stayed at Murguma, esp. at the Palash Bitan or Bon Polashi. I plan to travel there in March and any feedback would be appreciated. Thx.

    • This is my second time in purulia. I stayed in murguma at Palash bitan.Tent is also available for 500 rs. For a single family the place is quite lonly. So I recommend stay with atleast 2 family or going with friends its ok. March is very hot over there so tent is not a good option. Sunset and sunrise from murguma is very classy. Koushik sinha palash bitan +919674222670.once you come back please let me know your experience.

      • Raja says:

        Sorry Ruma ji – could not make the trip as yet due to unforeseen family circumstances. Hopefully, should be able to make it after the Pujas. Plan to stay at Bon Palashi.

        Will certainly let you and your readers know about my experience @ Muruguma. BTW, a new 3-star resort has opened up at Ayodhya Hills – complete with cottages, bar, multi-cuisine restaurant, spa, banquet hall, swimming pool et al. While this is great news for some, it is bad news for people like me who feel that the place may soon be over-run by luxury travelers who prefer the bar and spa more than the sunset & sunrise. Entirely my personal feelings though………

  4. Mir Al Imran says:

    This description is really very beautiful. Can anyone please give me the information of hiring cars in Ajodhya? I want to book it for a day tour. And how much it will cost? T. I. A

  5. Hi Mir,

    Thanks for reading my article. You can book car from saheb band area or bus stand after reaching purulia. In your hotel you can get cab info. Also the cost depends which places you want to cover. Read my tabulature for idea. If you need I can give you some contact also What is TIA? And which place you want to stay?

    • Mir Al Imran says:

      T. I. A means thanks in advance. Certainly give contact numbers.

      • Mr avijit has car rental business on murguma. Contact 9732125033. I take his car during my second tour. When you are planning?

        • Mir Al Imran says:

          I am planning to visit there by December furst week along withmy students though exact heads are not confirmed yet. I’m thinking about making it a night to night tour by train. Hwh-ckp passenger reaches there by 7 am n I wanna catch return train on the same day evening. Please suggest me itinerary for it. And kindly tell me about fooding and it’s costing. Thanks in advance again.

          • Chakradharpur timeing is good. For fooding, Try to Finished it in ayadhya hill. I can not find any other good option for the same. Must visit place is charida village here.Bestluck for your journey.

  6. Readers – Requeting you, Please mention my name or my blog whenever you avail those services.
    Note : – I am not promotiong any org/ person here.

  7. S Barik says:

    Very much informative and useful to plan trip. Thank you for the initiative.

  8. Niladri Sekhar says:

    The post is very informative. I am planning to go there in Dec, 2019. Being a budget traveller I would like to know the bus timing from Purulia Bus Stand to Ayodhya Hill top to the WB Youth Hostel. Thanks in advance

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