New year & Christmas Carnival celebration in Kolkata [Park street]

christmas celebration in kolkata

Christmas carnival celebration in Park street Kolkata

Now the time to say goodbye this year and welcome the New Year with lots of excitement, happiness and joy. Like other cities, Kolkata is also preparing to invite the New Year with the grand celebration, contests, shows, parties, etc.  In cold December nights, Christmas carnival celebration in Park street Kolkata with decorations, parties, shows, events and more.

You can see Girls and boys wear LED devil horns and bunny ears and almost every one ware Santa clause cap. There you notice many people are carrying the camera and all that stuff for taking the photos and videos about the madness of winter holiday.

At Park Street Christmas carnival

From the 25th December to New Year’s Eve, Park Street looks like a galaxy. Thousands of colourful lights, which make the whole environment cheerful and magical. This time, Park Street is people’s must visitable place in Calcutta. No one wants to miss the moment of the year with friends, family and the love one.

This time large bars and clubs are organizing the Christmas and New Year eve parties. One more thing you cannot ignore the roadside food stall by renowned restaurants. You must try the various type of food here. I think those who do not come to Park Street during Christmas and New Year, they have really lost some fun.

At Bow Barracks Kolkata Christmas

The Bow Barrack Located in central Calcutta and it still has a small population of the Anglo-Indian community and it is a spectacular place during Christmas time. The famous red buildings are decorated with lights and the residents of the places are arranging some stall of food and other accessories. There are various musicians who form the group and perform.

They also arrange a festival which is called “Bow Festival”. This festival starts from 23 Dec to 31 Dec. They organize singing, dancing, musical chairs etc. Than Santa come to Bow Barracks, to spread his blessing.  They arrange two days football tournament and at the end of the year, it is complete with dance at SFX church hall. There are no entry fees at all.

kolkata christmas carnival

At new market and Esplanade for shopping

New Market is the most famous place for shopping in Kolkata. For any season, Calcutta’s citizen is loved to go there first, for shopping. In this happy time of Christmas and new year Esplanade (Dharmatala) and the new market gets the new look. Both places are always crowded. Many shops in New Market offer unique and beautiful Christmas decorations.

Many cake and pastries shop offers you to bring some bakeries for you and your family. Here all the bars and restaurant celebrate this winter festive session at their own style. Many of them arrange some unique program for the whole night. As my experiences Roxy cinema hall area’s restaurant and bars are pocket-friendly

At St Paul’s cathedral Christmas

St. Paul’s Cathedral Church is located just opposite of the famous Victoria Memorial and just beside of the Birla Planetarium. It is famous for its Gothic architecture. It is 179 years old, and this cathedral is crowded throughout the year. But During the Christmas and New Year, this place attracts thousands of peoples. People are love to see the decoration of the church and their interesting rituals.

New year and Christmas celebration in Kolkata tour guide

I have three plans for you which you can do with less cost and efforts. These are the Famous places in kolkata city.


Morning Christmas celebration in Kolkata plan (1st)

(1) St. Paul’s Cathedral then visit -> (2) Birla planetarium which is just beside of the church, after cross the road go to -> (3) Maidan and finish your breakfast and mind it do not throw dirt anywhere, use dustbin. After visit -> (4) Victoria Memorial. Then you come to -> (5) Rabindra Sadan, where you get many options like, you can watch a movie in Nandan cinema hall (if the ticket is available ) or you can watch Drama at Academy of fine arts or you can watch exhibition at Gaganedra Pradarsanisala (if there is something happened). Next visit Nehru Children Museum (kids love this place) next take Metro or bus and visit 6.  Smaranika tram museum in Esplanade and take a cup of coffee there. 7. Indian Museum and  Lastly, do some shopping in 8. Esplanade and New market. In the meantime finish your lunch. My first tour finished here.


Morning Christmas celebration in Kolkata plan (2nd)

My second plan is spend the first half of the day in Alipore zoological garden kolkata It is a very famous destination in this holy session.  It is well connected with Rabindra Sadan or Exide more. Next, visit Nehru Children Museum and gossiping in Nandan area.


Morning Christmas celebration in Kolkata plan (3rd)

Visit New town Eco park seven wonders Kolkata. I assure your full day  will busy with fun loving activity’s.

Evening Christmas celebration in Kolkata plan

Now in the evening come to Park Street. Park Street is ready to welcome you. Here you can enjoy a lot and you can try the roadside food and do some shopping from the local hawker. They sell the product like Santa cap, different kind of LED hair band etc.  Visit Allen park Kolkata in park street, they have the musical program for the full 7 days except 24th and 25th December.

From here you can return to your home or if you want more you can visit to Bow Barrack, where you get the real flavour of Christmas. They arrange many events and decorate the place very well. Lastly, if you want to enjoy the whole night so plane for the nightclubs, bars or restaurants.   This time many of the nightclubs and bar arrange the different program for the whole night.



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