Save money while traveling | How to travel cheap in India

save money while traveling

How to save money while traveling 

Do  you want to know how I  save money while traveling? then you have to read this post, trust me with these tips you will save money on travel. I notice few thing, maximum we spent on our vacation specially on room rent, car service and food. Also these things are mandatory we can’t leave it. In other sites how can we just left our hard earned money for simple luxury, which we can also avail in a smart way. So I always do some trick for my travel savings plan. Hope this will help you too. I suggest at least save 10000 in a year with a best vacation savings account (all bank are offering now). It will really help on your travel deals.

“You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

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1. Discounted airline

Find low cost flights ,there are lots of offer for travel sites for cheap flights. You can also  directly call airline for cheap flight. Best way to buy flights ticket is, book the flight ticket at least 2 month before. Your perior planning can save your pocket.


2. Find taxi service like uber, ola etc

Whenever you get those cab service, try to avail this. It’s much less than booking a car on the spot for full day sightseeing. All the metro city’s in India, this service is available now and we all have smartphones, so why don’t we use it. It’s a tested method and my travel journey cost is almost half with this trick.

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3. Book lowest price hotel deals 

Best way to save money on hotels is always book lowest price hotel deals (online or offline) but check it should have a generator, water purifier and room service. Just imagine how  much we spent on the mineral water in the tourist spot. Lets say a person drinks 3 litter water per day, that means your 60 rupees gone for this. Its sounds funny but its effect on your budget. You can also find cheap hotels online.

4. Get meal from outside

Hotel food menu are really good and its can be served on your room also, but try not to eat food from what hotel are you staying at, try to eat from the outside. It will drastically reduce your food cost. Ordering on the hotel where you stay they charge a lot. Just think about it. This is the  most easy ways to save money for a trip to me.

5. Book the hotel first

When you fix a place to go for vacation, you should book the hotel first. Because after reaching the destination then searching for hotels with luggage and kidds it’s a very hectic job. That moment it’s very difficult to find any good deal on hotel  and  not have the option to  compare other deals, and most of the time you have to pay more.

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6. Shopping tourism 

My holiday shopping ideas is do shopping at register shop like Govt shops, Register shop. You will get the quality products from there. On footpath or the unregister shop, I personally avoid. They may be sold items at cheap cost but I always look for the quality.


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7. Travel in off time

Let’s say, you have a low budget but you and your family need a short change for immediate basis. What will you do? Well, you can find those places which are not have pick season at that time. I personally prefer this tricks. That time hotel rents are low, and you can bargain at the time of cab booking, shopping, hotel booking and most important all visiting spots are low crowded. You can use your camera for a long time and you defiantly get the perfect snap. Try this trick to your vacation.


8. Include breakfast while booking a room

Many hotels offers breakfast without extra cost. Don’t miss this offer. Its a good money saving tips.


9. Book Holiday home or Homestay

The room rent for Holiday Homes is less than the hotels. So try to stay at the company guest house or holiday homes. Now a days home stay in India is very popular.


10. Carry your own travel cooking equipment

It’s very cost effective. These will save your snack’s cost. Carry your cooking appliances (small size) like tharmas (store hot or cold tea or coffee or water), eclectic kettle or hitting cup (for making noodles, tea, coffee, boiling egg etc.). Get those cooking appliances that are rechargeable or turns on through electric.


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11. Hungry?? don’t buy food at that time

This tips for all travelers. Carry your own dry fruits, chocolate bar, snacks, drinks and water etc. Because the time of hunger these have to buy at high prices on train or any other tourist places.


12. Use public transport

Always try to use public transport first. Let’s imagine, you are going to Darjeeling. You book a car from NJP or Siliguri. It charges 2500 rs to 3000 rs, which is normal. But if you go for sharing basis in the same type of cars, it charges 150 rupees (You can book some more seat, for your comfort) . Just think of It.  It is very cost effective, and its rank first on money saving tips on travelling.

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13. Note all the expense

It is another great tips for your travel money saving plan. If you note down all the expenditure, Then you can understand where to spend and how much. And it is also useful for your next trip.

14. Avoid Deluxe rooms

An Expensive room is not required for me. Because I use the room for rest or sleeping purpose only. So it will be fairly comfortable to get a normal room.


15. Talk to the local people

Meet locals people while traveling , they are the main information resources for you. They could  exactly where the better options for you. Where we can find is the low car rental, where good food is available at low prices and all the details about the visiting spot etc.

16. Travel with a group

Group travelling is the main  essential tips  for money saving while travelling. It cut down your car rentals. It’s also cost-effective in time of hotel room booking. You can also take dormitory room with a cheap cost. There are lots of travel groups for solo travelers they are offering group travel, just search on the internet.

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17. Grab the offer

If you plan for a travel, check all the offers on the internet or offline and Book it from where you get the best budget travel deals. You can check your email notification, that which company gave you the best offer on travel.

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18. Compare with other deals

Whenever you plan or think about the travel do compare with others. Which hotels give you an extra discount, which package tour is more appropriate, and at time of the car booking always speak with the driver, ignore  the third party agent. They always take a agent  percentage from the driver.

19. Don’t book a car for a long

Cars should not be booked for 2- 3 days or longer at the same time. Because After that you don’t have any other good choices. And in case of the night staying of the driver, they will include the extra charges. In any tourist location, car facilities are easily available.

20. Share transport

If possible share your vehicle with other. It is very useful for money saving on travel. When you share your journey with others your transport cost will be half. So think about the trick.

21. Travel with a baby?

I am travelling with my baby, When she was 11 months. So always carry my baby’s diapers, medicine, all the food, which he/she eats and all the medicines, including prescription because if needed  I can buy those  medicine from the spot.

(Don’t be a tourist be a Traveller )

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